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Minnesota Firewood, LLC is Certified
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The One and Only Official Minnesota Firewood, LLC Waiting to Serve You!
All Wood is Bug and Disease Free and is Heat Treated and Kiln Dried
We have regular routes with our trucks to:
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South & North Dakota
Delivery outside the above area is by Common Carrier
(800) 893-9090  •  info@premiumfirewood.biz
Certified - Heat Treated Firewood
DNR Vendor Approved
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Certified Oak Birch Mix Bundled Firewood
Wholesale Bundled Firewood

Packaged Bundled Firewood

Oak, Birch, or mixed bundles are available. All bundles are bug free and kiln dried and heat treated.
.75 cubic ft. works great for grocery stores and gas stations
1.0 cubic ft. works great for campgrounds
Packaged Bundled Firewood Packaged Bundled Firewood

Bundled Firewood 15-16 inch cut & split firewood bundle

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(800) 893-9090

Bundles stacked on a pallet Bundles on a Rack

Minnesota Firewood

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